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  17. They were living beyond their means, even though he made a whopping 70k/yr. She got really mad, hit him, smashed his room & had epileptic seizure. Kids (11 & 13) called 911 & police put HER in jail. He never looked back. He promised me love, marriage & home of our own. Their house was worth 750K – split down middle – easy home for us. He promised me trip to Halifax to research archives for my book (was hugely important). I never knew his wealthy mother was giving him allowance (& all the kids). His father died Jan 2010. His mother has MS – father left all to her. She needed money back so abruptly stopped allowance. Leal was helping me financially. I have very little income – not enough to live on, but writing true Pulitzer. I did not know he was going down drain financially. I only saw he suddenly was moody & any little thing set him off. We had a wonderful Christmas – he lavished my children & me. In January things suddenly & abruptly soured. My only source of income stopped. He said he’d help – we’d be married soon anyway. Without any explanation (I didn’t know about his mother, wife, nothing) he said trip to Halifax was off. Kept saying “I’m sorry. I can’t do it. I just can’t do it.” After calling 5 X everyday he suddenly without explanation or warning didn’t answer my calls. 4 days went by & I was out of my mind. I left mgs crying, begging, you know. He drove straight up. Everything ok. He loved me. He was marrying me. Another mth fine. Called me 10 x day. Again, without warning stopped calling & wouldn’t answer my calls. I drove to his house. He confided children were upset w/him. Their heat got turned off. He kept saying, his children come first. I agreed but why didn’t he tell me? Why just not answer phone? Too cruel. Again together. Again, he’s going to marry me. Doesn’t answer phone. I threatened him. He picked up & said “We’re done!” That’s all he said over & over. Just “We’re done!” I went hysterical .

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