Is this erotic or painful spanking?

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  10. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2006 Jun 4 - 00:19 | reply to this comment
  11. Different strokes for different folks
  12. Some find erotic the very thing the previous poster is contrasting with 'erotic'. They may or may not be excited at the time, but they are most definitely very aroused by it.
  14. by Sarah Cavendish on 2006 Jun 4 - 05:03 | reply to this comment
  15. Well, I find all the spankings I get both painful and erotic. I don't find it erotic during, but afterwards I am left with a happy, warm glow and feel very contented and relaxed. I seldom feel ashamed when spanked, though I do tend to feel contrite about whatever I am being spanked for, the more pissed off my husband is the more contrite I tend to feel. Although I really want him to spank me, and am always glad afterwards that he did, during the spanking I find myself struggling, screaming, pleading for mercy (I never get it) and wishing, quite sincerely, that I hadn't done whatever it is I'm being spanked for.
  17. I don't have waves of orgasms when spanked, but then I don't have waves of orgasms anyway, for any reason, I generally count myself lucky if I am able to have even one, and that is never caused by spanking, though thinking about being spanked certainly helps me to have one.
  19. There are people who can apparently experience spankings as either 'erotic' or 'punishment' without any overlap between the two, but this is quite beyond me. Spankings are both as far as I am concerned, and I need both sensations. If it isn't 'punishment' then the erotic element is missing for me, and if it didn't have an erotic effect on me, I don't think I could stand it.
  21. My husband, I think, does it for both reasons too, he knows I find it erotic, but he also gets definite satisfaction form "taking it out on your bottom" as he says when he's annoyed with me about something. When he is really pissed off then I believe he is thinking more about punishing me than about gratifying my desires, though he knows perfectly well that being spanked hard does satisfy me deeply.

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