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  1. The IBM Certified Developer is an IT professional who provides application development services associated with testing, design, implementation, debugging, and deployment of IBM software and other related products. The developer usually makes use of HTML, servlets, java server pages, and web services to perform the production related task for an organization.
  3. Developers are the trained professionals who perform the installation, configuration and day-to-day tasks for efficient operation of an application server network deployment smoothly yet reliable.  
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  6. The job description of IBM Certified Developer:
  8. The IBM Certified Developers provide support to the IT business worldwide through various business portfolios like a cloud, cognos, tivoli, and many more. Essentially the IBM certified application developer looks after the application development for an organization.
  9. Primarily the certified developers help in facilitating IBM's strategy by providing the support to clients through modern tools they need to do their work, be responsive to our clients, and to act with speed and agility.
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