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  1. One year ago today I drank too much wine and bourbon while talking to an interesting guy at a wine bar. I know it sounds like a rough mix of alcohol, but I now consider it a lucky concoction as he may very well be the man I spend the rest of my life with.
  3. We both feel seriously "gifted out" after the holidays and Valentine's Day, so we are playing it low key. I decided we should reenact our first date when we went to a museum in Balboa Park and then had sushi. Of course, back then I picked sushi because it served as my motivation for dating (if the date sucked, at least I got free sushi out of it). But now it's just a special treat for both of us.
  5. I've been pretty focused over the course of our relationship (and in this blog) about "milestones" reached in this relationship: the three month mark, birthdays, meeting my mom, the holidays, our first road trip together, and our first disaster. But for some reason this huge milestone hasn't gotten me all worked up. It just feels simple and good. And it's also overshadowed by the fact that we are moving in together in six+ weeks, so there are bigger milestones to be thinking about!
  7. Not to mention our first Passover dinner together with my family. Hopefully my brother Pat-hole will keep his drinking to a minimum and Wine Guy's first Passover dish, which he is preparing at my mom's request (she is thrilled to finally have someone to talk to about cooking since I care not a bit), turns out to his (and our) liking. Do the milestones ever end?
  9. Source: https://www.loveawake.com/free-online-dating/United-States/state-of-Texas.html

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