Intra-Trunk settings

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  1. host=ENTER-IP-HERE
  2. type=friend
  3. insecure=port,invite
  4. fromuser=peer
  5. sendrpid=pai
  6. trustrpid=yes
  7. context=from-internal
  8. canreinvite=no
  9. qualify=yes
  11. ## Explanation of above ^^
  12. host=ENTER-IP-HERE ## IP address of the other PBX
  13. type=friend ## Used to let PBX decide if it is an user or peer
  14. insecure=port,invite
  15. fromuser=peer ## This is a random filler text, can be something more descriptive like PBX-a or PBX-b
  16. sendrpid=pai ## IMPORTANT, here is where the alternate method to send caller ID is set up
  17. trustrpid=yes ## ALSO IMPORTANT, sets PBX to trust the remote party ID that the system in the other end of this trunk will send
  18. context=from-internal ## context for intra-company trunks
  19. canreinvite=no
  20. qualify=yes

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