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  1. Thank you for this information. In the last year, this economic model has become very popular around the world. But the gig economy model works not only in narrow areas - it can be adapted to almost all tasks and professions. Nowadays, businesses are increasingly turning to freelance consultants, ranging from financial audit and legal issues that have long been outsourced to building a sales department and marketing. For a business, the gig economy model is access to external expertise, which is often much cheaper on a freelance basis than recruiting staff and consulting agencies. And for employees - a way to work from anywhere in the world, in a free schedule and independently determine their income. More information about this model of economic relations can be found in educational videos on YouTube. I found about a hundred videos on this topic there and noticed that most often they were published by accounts that had about 13 thousand subscribers! I am sure this is because their owners have repeatedly used the services of z in order to wind up their number.

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