Dealing With Shit Relationships Tests

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  14. Re: Equality works
  15. Anonymous reader wrote:
  16. What also comes across in your article, though, is a suspicion aimed at relationships that are supposedly based on a feministic version of absolute equality (and identical roles? Perhaps). The implication is that this is often a coverup for unequal and nonconsensual behavior. Why that should be any more the case than in a Taken in Hand relationship, I don't understand.
  17. I do understand. It’s because strict equality is the relationship model of our times. Most couples try to do it because they’ve been taught it’s the one right way, and the only alternative they know of is “turning back the clock” to the bad old days when women had no rights. When people do things by default, without thinking or choosing, they tend to have more problems than when they consider carefully, search their souls, and choose something based on their true desires. Because the social climate is against Taken In Hand relationships, those who do choose them are very likely to be in the latter category. And many of them were previously in the former category, doing equality because it was the “one right way” and having problems with it because it wasn’t right for them.
  19. I'm sure we could find more than one woman who told her husband she wanted a consensual Taken in Hand relationship and the guy either misinterpreted what she was saying or took the opportunity to become the tyrant he always wanted to be.
  21. Yes, there is probably a situation or two like this. But if the woman was capable of telling her husband in the first place, she should be able to correct a misunderstanding. And if her man always wanted to be a tyrant, he was probably being controlling under the pretext of equality anyhow. Better to have it out in the open so she knows what she’s dealing with.

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