How do you meet single American men for fun?

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  10. I just shrug my shoulders, neither confirming or denying that statement.  She does look good though, and the tongue ring she has is very intriguing.
  12. She then mentions that when she doesn’t like to go out very much, because so many guys hit on her, and that when she does go out she likes to go to gay bars, so she can just dance and at least the guys there won’t hit on her.  I tell her about the time Dr. Know It All and I tried to go to a gay bar to see if there were straight girls there, but the bouncer kept hitting on me and telling me that I “could do a lot better than a straight girl”, so I just turned around and left.    (True story.)
  14. She finds the story funny, and I can’t help but to think and wonder what does it mean (if anything) that she’s mentioning how she doesn’t like to go out because she doesn’t like to get hit on, yet, she met me while she was out, at a bar.  Does this mean, I’m somehow different than most random guys that just hit on girls?  Did I somehow come at her different?  Does this mean I have game… of some sort? Okay, stop thinking about that Willy Wonka, back to the measure at hand…
  16. At some point, I run Strawberry Fields on her.  I think I recently read something from Sinn where he said it doesn’t matter what her answers are as long as you frame them to be whatever you want them to be when you explain to her what her answers mean.  I try to do this, “Well, the height of the fence represents your barrier to intimacy, and you said your fence was only 6 feet…”
  18. After a little more conversation, I just grab her chin and turn her head towards me and kiss her.  She’s all for it.  This has actually become somewhat of a staple of mine on first dates – going for the kiss 5-10 minutes after running Strawberry Fields.  It’s worked for me every time.  I’ve never gotten rejected for a kiss when doing it somewhat right after Strawberry Fields.  I think there’s a reason for this… could be that Strawberry Fields allows me to exude sexual energy and thus turning a girl on and making her want to kiss me?  I don’t know, I’m no psychologist or master of women’s thought process, all I know is it works like a charm for me.
  20. We chill at the bar a little longer and people watch and make fun of people for what they’re wearing or how they’re acting or why they’re together…. shit like that.
  22. Eventually it gets to be pretty late, like 1:00.  I get up and grab her hand, “Let’s get out of here..”
  24. We head out, and walk down the street holding hands and talking.  I’m keeping my eyes peeled for an alleyway to hit and fuck with her in.  I see one – it’s across the street.

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