Handle with care... and honor and fidelity

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  14. I agree with you that no guy NEEDS pick up advice. Generally any guy who is willing to get out there and start approaching girls and asking them out on his own will eventually figure a lot of it out.
  16. Ideally, pick up advice should provide a means to accelerate that process for a guy, not replace it. Right now, few people in the market do that.
  18. António
  19. June 20, 2011 at 11:26 pm · Reply
  20. “My point is there’s a personal investment by the consumers in this market that is not healthy”
  21. But these are personal products in the very sense – it’s our life, our identity, our hopes and future. I though I was destined to be the world’s biggest underachiever, that’s how my ex kiss-goodbyed me, and never get it girls again… but then a friend passes me on a printout from dyd mailings… Hey, I can really learn to be cocky with girls and get some action? Those e-mails changed my life. I’ll own it forever to Eban P, even if he is just a marketeer who knows very well how to squeeze all the juice and keep guys coming for more – I compare his business model to a hamster wheel, and that’s not him in the wheel… ;) but I also got a lot from the guy, and if I didn’t move on before is my own fault.
  23. Perhaps a better allegory would be something as charged as religion or political parties. We invest our lives into it, and as the daily news are testimony, to a very unhealthy level. Why can’t Catholics and protestants get along in Eire? Israelis and Palestinians? Commies and conservative right wingers?
  24. We want to believe that “our” method, “our” path is the right one, and this is where you are absolutely right, the industry promotes this to a very unhealthy degree: “you are champs, those are chods”. But this is all in our making, we need to feel one up over all the other dudes trying to score with the hotties in the same bar. It was too easy for the industry to not take advantage of that. I hope I am making sense. They know most guys lack what an “inner locus of control”, they’ve never been able to trust themselves. If they were they’d probably would do without the pu advice…
  26. A guy
  27. June 20, 2011 at 11:41 pm · Reply
  28. No.
  29. It’s EXACTLY the same in every one of those industries. The extent may vary, yet you still have the low carb talibans, HIT Jedis, passive income fanatics, some that worship minimalism or frugality. And they put everything else down, because it’s the one true way. People want to believe in magic.

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