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  1. 1.      To start with, arrange the Epson printer and compatible device to the power connection.
  2. 2.      Pre-arrange the stable network connection for the following devices to get trouble-free access during the driver download.
  3. 3.      Try to connect the corresponding printer, wireless router, and system to a similar network connection. Mandatory to connect all the devices to the same network.
  4. 4.      Go to the Official Epson page and download the Epson connect printer setup utility software. This software is essential for both driver setup and wireless setup.
  5. 5.      Further, tick the checkbox to agree to the end-user license agreement and proceed with the next.
  6. 6.      The Epson Printer driver is successfully downloaded to the respective device on connection.
  7. 7.      Then, follow the given steps to install the Epson Printer Driver.

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