The Future Of Dating

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  13. This is exactly why men need to have rules and STICK TO THEM. If a girl wants to play those kinds of games, then she has to go, and I want nothing to do with her ever again. It’s amazing how you guys continue to take these women back after they stroke your ego and suck your dick a little.
  15. In all seriousness, you have to understand how the minds of women work. They tend to live in the moment and don’t give a shit about how close you two were in the past. They’ll love you one day, decide that they hate you and fuck another guy the next, and then return to you when she’s done fucking him. And by not having rules and bending for her, she knows that all she has to do is stroke your ego and suck your dick to get you back.
  17. You said it Omari. Guys can be oblivious to the obvious, as long as they get a bit of pussy.
  19. Have rules, standards and expectations of any girlfriend and relationship. that way you are in control, not her. As soon as you chased her, you became needy, and she knew you invested way to much into you, you prime for easy manipulation
  21. She told you a month before what was wrong in the relationship! You were lucky, some girls just wont say anything. Why did you not act on it? Thats why it went down hill. If she is not getting what she wants - especially emotionally - then she will leave, but most probably cheat first or be open to cheating. But will keep you along as a safety net.
  23. As soon as she left, you should have dated other women and waited for her to come to you first. Then make her work to get back with you.

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