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  12. Finally, a couple of folks asked about the nature of the stresses that contributed to our starts & stops. I certainly wasn't trying to hide anything, I just wanted to spare you all the details. But since some of you asked, here's a brief synopsis of our lives between mid-2000 and mid-2004:
  14. We moved four times (and not just across town–our moves covered approximately 900, 400, 1200, and 100 miles respectively).
  15. We bought and sold three homes.
  16. I changed jobs three times (NOTE: One of these involved me voluntarily taking a 70% pay cut to go work for a non-profit organization that we later found out was run by members of a bizarre religious cult. I know, sounds too strange to believe, but I'm NOT kidding! All we can do now is laugh.)
  17. My wife stated a new business.
  18. My father died.
  19. Three beloved pets died.
  20. My wife was diagnosed with two bulging discs in her neck.
  21. She also had surgery on something called a Morton's neuroma in her foot.
  22. One of our remaining pets has had five eye surgeries (three of them involving round trips of between 400 and 700 miles and hotel stays in order to see a specialist).
  23. We moved my wife's 80-year old mother 1,200 miles to be near where we live now.
  24. Other items generally related to the items above, but too numerous to list.
  25. Before you think us insane, it should be noted that before all the moving around, we lived the first 40 years of our lives in one city.
  27. Then came that fantastic two weeks. In the four months or so since then, here's what we've had:
  29. My wife's spider bite (derailed the spanking part of the relationship for a couple of months).
  30. Three pets became very ill.
  31. Major falling out between my wife and my one remaining sister and her husband (it's since been resolved and my sister and her family stayed with us over Christmas).
  32. I had a cancer scare (CT scans, x-rays, etc.)
  33. Planning my wife's second foot surgery.
  34. Proving myself at the new job (just started it at the beginning of the great two weeks).
  35. General money concerns.
  36. that I see it all typed out, no wonder I'm stressed out! ;-)

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