Norwegian Men Dont Like My Dating Profile!

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  1. You’ve got your profile filled in and written up.  You’ve selected your best pictures.  You’re sitting back and waiting… and waiting… and waiting.
  3. “Nobody’s writing me!” you whine.  “Not only that, nobody’s even VIEWING ME! What am I doing wrong?”
  5. Tired of being that guy going to movies alone?  Here are a few tips to make your profile more clickable.
  7. Check Your Username
  9. If your username is boring or sends the wrong message, people won’t even click to read your profile.  They’ll pass by your name in the search results.  Pick a unique and fun username that gives an idea of who you are or what you like to do.  Make it catchy!  On, you can change your username in less than a minute, so you have no excuse!
  11. Get Your Picture “Girl Approved”
  13. Guys, do not trust yourself when picking your best photo.  When left to your own devices, you usually pick the picture that scares girls.  If you doubt me, please check out my Deadly Sins series where I’ll show you what you’re putting as your “best face forward.”
  15. Find a girl that you trust and ask her which picture is the best.  Don’t have a girl you trust?  All of my online dating help packages have a photo critique included!  (Just need the critique? Order a half hour consultation from the a la carte page.)
  17. What’s Your Headline?
  18. Your headline also determines whether or not you get clicked.  If your username is meh (strike one!), and your picture is meh (strike two!), you will get clicked if you have an awesome headline.   If your headline is less that stellar, strike three, yer out.
  20. Keep your headline fresh by making a reference to the current season!
  22. The Last Bit…
  24. Be sure to start strong! Most dating sites will show the first few lines of your dating profile in the search results.   Assuming two profiles have equally interesting usernames, default pictures, and headlines, which one would you click?
  26. I’m really not sure what I’m doing here, but everybody tells me that I should try online dating.  My sister met her husband here, so I guess it works.
  28. …or…
  30. I cannot wait for my July vacation!  My friends and I are renting a house on the beach and we’re going to spend the whole week surfing.
  32. Take a hard look at your profile, geek friends.  What can you do to make it more clickable?
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