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  16. Cherry I have never done something like this ,writing about my pain. I have just filed for divorce from a man I have been with for 43years and have 3 adult children with and grandchildren. It has not been easy I have never worked outside of the home . I was lucky  in this respect that he made enough so I could stay home with my children. He started making money. I think it went to his head or he went through male menebouse at 50 .he started fooling around with a women who worked for him it took me Year to get. This funny feeling about her and sure enough I was right. He lied to me me about letting her go. I found out 5 Years ago that she has been in the picture this whole time.i lost myself and I just wasn't myself after this that I trusted his word that he got rid of her. I stopped having sex with him I just couldn't open myself up  to him anymore. There was emotional and physical abuse through out are marriage. When he started going to bars and picking up women as old as his younger daughter telling them that he loved them and talking bad about me. I  am finding it so hard to go on with my life we have children and grandchildren with all kinds of functions an affairs that  Have to do with are children without running into him at these things. I have moved away from my home to a different state. To heal I have told him that I needed time to heal from all the Abuse he dished out to me all these years. I do care for him but I don't see myself ever going back to him it's just very painful. I know he is still in contact with his girlfriend and in one breath he tells me he wants to get back with me he loves me .i am finding it so hard to let go I have been with him for 43 yrs sense I was a young women.How do I brake away from him emotionally .

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