Zarifa Neck & Shoulder Massager

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  1. Portable and ergonomic, the Zarifa Neck & Shoulder Massager can help you reach knots and hard to reach spots on the go. From neck pain to sore feet and plantar fasciitis, the neck and shoulder massager relieves symptoms across the entire pain spectrum with mobility and easy carry capabilities. As an FDA Class-II Medical Device, the massager machine for neck and shoulder achieves the medical assistance of a physical therapist with the modern hands-free mobility you have always needed.
  3. The Zarifa Neck & Shoulder Massager wiith heat utilizes adjustable Velcro straps for the hands-free, focused massage. This intuitive mobile massager goes where you go, and loops easily around any area of the body with ergonomic comfort straps that enable better intensity control and specific massage technique. The neck and shoulder massager machine is powered by a 3-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery lasts for 20-25 sessions, with fast recharging capability to get you back to speedy relief in no time.
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