Post-Divorce Jealousy can stem from a few things.

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  9. Accepting MB’s 24/7 rule took an enormous amount of strength for me because I have always flown in the face of authority. That is a heritage from having grown up in a family with little structure and largely absentee parents. By grade one I was getting myself to and from school, making my own lunches, going downtown to the doctor alone, taking the bus to swimming and skating classes by myself etc etc. Those early formed habits of autonomy and self-reliance were extremely hard to change.
  11. Still before I met MB I had a fantasy and it went long the lines of the made-of-clay-type of submission. You know - “I’ll be the Galatea to your Pygmalion, the Eliza Doolittle to your Henry Higgins.” “You tell me what to do and say and how to do and say it and that’s exactly what I’ll do.” I thought a handsome prince would come along and release my inner female perfection. There was no strength in that dream. It was more about not wanting to be responsible for myself than it was about a cognisant laying down of well developed defenses and allowing myself to be vulnerable and truly receptive to someone else’s notions of leadership.
  13. In that vein MB never thought our Taken In Hand roles would fix all my flaws any more than his being HoH would make him and all his decisions perfect. Learning to accept the reality of the Taken In Hand relationship requires strength as well because sometimes it is difficult. But the very worst Taken In Hand day is better than the best day before we started all this.
  15. Fear sets in as soon as submission is really contemplated.

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