How to provide debugging

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  1. You will need the password for a shell account on the PBX. If you are using the FreePBX distro, this will be the 'root' password - whoever originally installed the system would have configured it. If you do NOT know this password, you will need to follow password recovery steps for your distribution:
  3.     FreePBX Distro/Centos 5 & 6:
  4.     Ubuntu/Debian:        
  6. Understand that these credentials are NOT the same as those you use to log into the GUI of the PBX, and you MUST have them in order to continue.
  8. 1. SSH to your PBX (using the address you use when browsing to the web interface)
  9.     Windows:
  10.     OSX:
  11.     Linux:
  13. 2. Log in as root. When entering the password, it will not show any characters; this is expected. Copy and paste if you are not confident in your typing.
  15. 3. Once you have logged in, type 'asterisk -rvvvvvvvvv' without quotes, and press enter; this will bring you into the Asterisk CLI.
  17. 4. IF YOU HAVE BEEN EXPLICITLY ASKED TO, enable SIP debug using the proper command for your channel driver (without quotes). It is
  18.     chan_sip:   'sip set debug on'
  19.     PJSIP:      'pjsip set logger on'
  21. 5. Reproduce the issue
  23. 6. Once the issue has been reproduced, type 'exit' without quotes, and press enter
  25. 7. Copy ALL of the scrollback, from the initial login onward, and paste it to
  27. 8. Save the pastebin you've created, copy the URL, and paste it back into IRC

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