Some weirdness and conflict

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  11. Tuesday night at Miani's
  13. While I'm in line, a girl walks up to me and hugs me. Nothing special. As soon as we walk in, the blonde from Thursday sees me and opens me up. She asks for my phone number. I then head to the bathroom, where a blonde stares me down. I plan on approaching her later, when it's almost closing time. I go outside and number close one girl with ease to impress the guys who don't know about the lair. I then snatch up two girls to leave with. It's only 12:30, so I never get around to approaching that blonde that was staring me d s soon as we walk in, I see a 4-5 set that I'm going to approachafter I get my drink. However, as soon as i step in line to buy a beer, Andrew is already sitting at a barstool gaming the entire group. That bastard. I use my "you asshole, you're so rude, why didn't you introduce me to your friends" routine to get in.
  15. This routine let me approach the friends and wing him without looking like some creepy guy who just walked up and tried to force himself into the conversation. Of course I did it with a smile on my face, to show that I was just joking around with him, and not really trying to call him a rude ass.
  17. I then target the really cute girl sitting next to Andrew. We introduce ourselves to one another. I didn't need to, but I move my finger in a "come hither" direction and tell her my name in her ear. I look at her drink, and say "that's a fancy drink (it was in a wine glass), what is it?". She tells me what it is and I jokingly tell her that she's too fancy for me. I walk away. She grabs my arm, and pulls me back. She asks my name again. I pretend to get pissed off and walk away again. She grabs my arm again, tells me that she works there, and shows me pictures of her puppy on her PDA. We fluff talk (I tell her that she should name her puppy after me) until one of her obnoxious friends comes screaming at her for attention. I walk away.
  19. Judging by her body language and tone of voice, I can tell that she is really a nice girl, so there is no need for any harsh negging, just playful fun. I signaled her to come to me with my fingers to give her direction, like a man should, and also give a reason to start initiating the kino (I lightly brushed my lips against her ear, as if on accident). She's works there, is really cute, and is probably use to dealing with assholes all of the time, so I adjusted by being nice to her, but not coming off as a chump by willing to walk away instead of standing around fighting for her attention.
  21. Later on in the night, I was outside and noticed that she was right next to me, so I initiated the fluff talk again. Again, I am cut off by the obnoxious friend, and an obnoxious bouncer who is off for the night. I walk away.
  23. Again, I show my willingness to walk away again. I didn't try to force anything. Since she works there, I'll probably see her again, so I didn't try to come off as AFCish by trying too hard. She'll see me again, recognize me, and I'll number close her. All PUA's must be willing to lose the girl and show patience.

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