Online Dating For Single Expats

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  11. "Hey, no ones home, why don't you come over for a little while? My roommate is gone." is what I'm greeted to when I answer my cell phone. I know who it is, an off and on low key lover that I have. I respond with "Why is it that you only want me to come over when no one's home?" It's time to punish her.
  13. I get there, we're making out on the couch. I then decide to mess with her, take her right to the point of penetration, and get up. She locks her legs around me and she says "Please, please...I need this." I fuck with her for a little while longer, and I tell her "OK, OK, I'll stop playing around." Of course I couldn't stop, I was still pissed that she tried to hide our sex life from her roommate.
  15. I get up and pretend to come in with a kiss; I quickly take a step back and I smack her across her forehead with my dick. She jumps up "asshole!" in a joking manner, and throws my wallet at me. I kiss her and tell her that I'm sorry.
  17. We begin messing around, and in comes another one of my bright ideas. "I can't let her get away with throwing my wallet at me, I gotta get her back." I think to myself. "I know what I'll do, I'll pull out and cum all over her back, Peter North style."

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