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  9. Once again, Cherry, your advice is so timely! I must be a slow learner as I keep asking questions that I know the answers to deep down in my gut, but just need validation from someone I trust…turns out that is YOU! Keep your tips coming!
  10. Just went on a fun first date last night, a blind date. I had a wonderful time even though I found I was VERY nervous. I am not always nervous, only when I’m really attracted to someone. This is also the time when I struggle most with remembering to let HIM talk. My self talk and my gut feelings go into overdrive and today I am struggling with negativity about the date.
  11. I am going to the gym and then a bubble bath. I am entertaining friends tonight. I will NOT contact him and wait patiently for my hero, even if he is not last night’s date. (Argh!)
  12. 2012 is gonna be a GREAT year! Best wishes to you Cherry and all kindred spirits on this site. Cheers!

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