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  17. to go to the bar. On our way, a cute blonde who was dancing with some other guy touches my chest and asks how I am doing. She seems pretty drunk. I put my hand on her waist and say I'm doing alright. I think to myself that this is as good a time as any to get a kiss, so I tell her to give me a kiss and move in. She turns and gives me her cheek as I'm moving in, so I kiss her on the cheek. I then go with my friend to get a drink at the bar.
  19. Now, after this I was feeling a bit disappointed, but at least I had social proofed myself.  But after the fact I realized that if I would have taken her over to the bar with me, I could have gotten the makeout for sure. At the bar, I am feeling good, and girls standing next to me seem to be coming in close and touching me an awful lot (incidental). However, I don't engage any of them in conversation. I got my drink and stood by the bar for a little while. There were a couple opportunities for me to talk to girls that I didn't take.
  21. Finally, a girl walked up by me to get a drink, and over my shoulder I asked her how she's doing. She says good, but in a way that didn't seem to express any interest, so I left it at that.  I stayed where I was at, but all of a sudden there were no longer any girls coming around by the spot that I was at; I felt like my value had been diminished because I was just standing there not talking to anybody.
  23. I then decided to take it to the dance floor. I approached a girl who was dancing and seemed to be interested, and I introduced myself, but I didn't really start dancing with her; it was more like I was dancing and she was dancing, and we were close to each other, but we weren't dancing together. After a minute or so, another guy came by and started talking to her. I move on. I started feeling like one of those chumps who was dancing by himself and unable to get a girl to dance with him.
  25. I left the dance floor for a bit and went to the other side of the bar and stood for a little bit. I'll skip this part for brevity.  Then I went back to the dance floor. When I went back to the dance floor, I knew that i needed to approach with more confidence. I saw a girl dancing with her back turned to me, facing the outside of the dance floor. I touched her arm to get her attention, and gave her a little bit of eye contact when she turned around. She touched my chest with both hands, but then she turned back around.
  27. I moved a little bit away from her. I then started to realize that this was a test, and that if I went back in confidently she would probably dance with me. However, something was stopping me from doing that; maybe I felt like I had already missed my chance, but I'm not sure. She turns around again at some point, and I ask her in a confident manner if she is going to come over and dance with me or not. She doesn't say anything. I get discouraged and move on.
  29. Thats pretty much the gist of how the night went.  It is like I have some mental block about dancing with a girl, or becoming more intimate, which includes simply having an extended discussion.  On the bright side, I am approaching much better then I ever have, although still with some hesitation.  I know it is just a matter of time until I get good, but damn, I need to fucking get some action in the meantime.  
  31. Respect.
  34. You’re talking about psychological states and whatnot, and I am not a psychologist. To me it sounds like

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