The Return Of The American Man

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  14. The only mistake you are making about Taken In Hand is to think that it is a one-size-fits-all thing. It is not. We are all individuals and have our own unique preferences and wishes and concerns and problems. What will appeal to one woman will not appeal to another. The relationship needs to reflect that.
  16. You cannot expect to like what some other woman likes. That is just not how it works.
  18. But the important respect in which you are absolutely right about Taken In Hand is that the man cares about the woman's wishes and wants the woman to be happy and acts accordingly, in whatever way that might mean given that individual woman's wishes. (The same is true in reverse of course.)
  20. I hope this reassures you.
  22. Warmly,
  24. Sarah Cavendish
  26. by Sarah Cavendish on 2005 Aug 8 - 04:31 | reply to this comment
  27. Sexism: enemy of attraction
  28. After reading the messages the “Brazilian” reader wrote to Sarah, I (myself a Brazilian) can only come to the conclusion that this person is a very aggressive sexist, to begin with.
  29. Sexists are people who are in essence afraid of the opposite sex, for some reason.
  30. They try to make their emotional incompetence more palatable to themselves through lowering of the opposite sex.
  31. These attempts can only lead to more and more frustration, because this behavior is repellent to those they wish so badly they could attract.
  32. The intensity of sexism varies from constant joking to intense, bitter cursing. Usually it gets more aggressive and coward with time.
  33. All of us who are or strive to be in a Taken In Hand, DD, D/s or any kind of relationship where sexism doesn’t have a place should, in my opinion, feel blessed we could find the possibility of a fulfilling interaction that (re)generates attraction and makes us all powerful and immune to the psychological misery of the external world.
  34. We are all fortunate enough to have the gift of bringing deep love, confidence and happiness to our daily lives, by living the way we really want to.
  35. May our example help poor creatures like the one who wrote the messages Sarah received find a solution to their frustrations.
  37. Valley

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