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  1. A role model is defined as a person whose behavior can be emulated by others, especially children.  I decided when my boys were born, I will be their role model.  I had to include the Charles Barkley TV commercial.  It conveys my thoughts on role models.  I even mentioned this when I was in a court battle with Alpha Boy’s mother, “how can I expect him to become a man.. If he’s not around one.  Me.. his dad.”  I feel just as strong about it now as I did 12 years ago.  And once again I feel vindicated.
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  5. I live in Dallas, Texas where football is king.  On top of that, steroid use is very common here.  It’s common enough that the State of Texas randomly drug test all kids that are active in any school sports programs.  Steroids is big business in Dallas.  As a father, I have the responsibility teach them right from wrong.  I have the responsibility to teach them about drugs, steroids and playing sports by the rules.  I’ve had lenthy discussions with Alpha Boy regarding sports, supplements and steroids.  I hate the media and others make role models out of higly paid employees, disguised as athletes.
  7. Thanks to Chris Brown, I’m also discussing my list of bad behavior for men with my boys.  Sometimes you think it’s common sense that boys know how to treat girls.  But the best time to learn a lesson is when someone else is learning it.  Alpha Boy is at the age when he has girls chasing after him.  So he’s getting the crash course on what not to do.  And as silly as it sounds, I always start out by saying, “just so you know and can’t say I never told you…”

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