Love and lust.

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  10. Princesses unite..
  11. Hi Bramble, I for one understand what is being suggested with the princess treatment. But then again, I too am given the royal treatment. There is nothing too trivial that Gary doesn't take seriously. He loves, respects, listens and dotes on me. Not in a vulgar way, but in a happy very much in love way, a man who wants to give me everything he can. And in return I give him my entire being. My heart, my skills at whatever makes him happy and of course my submission. His attention is focused on me full time. Nothing escapes his eye. But this is not negative. It's rather parental at times, but filled with love at all times. I am given almost everything I want and certainly everything I need. If this is not to the liking of some women, let them eat their own
  13. I also had a problem with saying no, right up until I met Gary. He put a fast stop to that, and it was welcome.
  15. I for one enjoy the attention (unless I'm being naughty) and wouldn't give it up nor the affection, or even the gifts, small and large, for anything. I know he does it all with such love and kindness that if me being responsive and gracious is being a princess, then princess's unite. I'm not ready for any alternative, unless it's more of the same or better.......Blush
  17. by Blush on 2004 Nov 21 - 10:54 | reply to this comment
  18. Real princesses
  19. I don't get everything that I want (and desire--lol!) but I have few unmet needs. The same goes for my husband and kids.

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