Not a lower-case single american men

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  11. My parents had a beautiful relationship together, it worked for them. That’s all that matters. What ever you call it, or even if you don’t give this lifestyle a name, they displayed the sentiment behind taken in hand. Whether my dad spanked my mom, I don’t know. I do remember a time when she got a little feisty with him and she turned to her sister and said with a little giggle “I think I’m in trouble”.
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  16. Just a thought
  17. I once heard that "people either grow up because of, or in spite of, their parents". Perhaps even though you don't have taken in hand memories of your parents, their relationship affected you in a different way. You seem to recognise exactly the dynamics of their relationship and point out what was amiss. Perhaps that's why you are a taken in hand person. You feel it has benefits and works for you, after seeing your parents' interactions.
  19. The chances of my mother ever kneeling at my father's feet, or anyone else's, would be, I would say, non-existent. Nor would my father ever have wanted her to, I imagine he would have been absolutely appalled. If my father was sitting down and my mother didn't have a chair, I think he would probably have offered her his. But it would be most unlikely that my father would be sitting down anyway, he'd be circulating and being the life and soul of the party and chatting to everyone and getting everyone drinks.
  21. My parents certainly were a little odd, especially my mother, but the did not have a relationship that resembled a Taken In Hand one in the least, and my own interest in this kind of relationship has nothing to do with them . My father, raised in an entirely female household (his widowed mother, his older sister, and his two much older maiden aunts, both of whom had been suffragettes) was an ardent feminist and would, I feel, have been completely baffled by the Taken In Hand thing, and possibly even shocked (though he didn't shock easily).
  23. Grandparents have nothing to do with it either. My maternal grandmother, the only grandparent I actually remember, died when I was ten and had been a widow then for some years. I understand from my mother that my grandfather was something of an autocrat, but I don't think my grandmother was particularly happy with him. My mother believed they'd only got married in the first place because my grandmother was pregnant with my mother. I think my paternal grandparents were happily married,, but my grandfather died before my father was born, so I have no idea really what their relationship was like.

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