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  1. Response: Success
  2. ActionID: 1509551544.6217
  3. AbsoluteTimeout: Set absolute timeout.  (Priv: system,call,all)
  4. Atxfer: Attended transfer.  (Priv: call,all)
  5. BlindTransfer: Blind transfer channel(s) to the given destination  (Priv: call,all)
  6. Bridge: Bridge two channels already in the PBX.  (Priv: call,all)
  7. BridgeDestroy: Destroy a bridge.  (Priv: )
  8. BridgeInfo: Get information about a bridge.  (Priv: )
  9. BridgeKick: Kick a channel from a bridge.  (Priv: )
  10. BridgeList: Get a list of bridges in the system.  (Priv: )
  11. BridgeTechnologyList: List available bridging technologies and their statuses.  (Priv: )
  12. BridgeTechnologySuspend: Suspend a bridging technology.  (Priv: )
  13. BridgeTechnologyUnsuspend: Unsuspend a bridging technology.  (Priv: )
  14. Challenge: Generate Challenge for MD5 Auth.  (Priv: )
  15. ChangeMonitor: Change monitoring filename of a channel.  (Priv: call,all)
  16. Command: Execute Asterisk CLI Command.  (Priv: command,all)
  17. ConfbridgeKick: Kick a Confbridge user.  (Priv: call,all)
  18. ConfbridgeList: List participants in a conference.  (Priv: reporting,all)
  19. ConfbridgeListRooms: List active conferences.  (Priv: reporting,all)
  20. ConfbridgeLock: Lock a Confbridge conference.  (Priv: call,all)
  21. ConfbridgeMute: Mute a Confbridge user.  (Priv: call,all)
  22. ConfbridgeSetSingleVideoSrc: Set a conference user as the single video source distributed to all other participants.  (Priv: call,all)
  23. ConfbridgeStartRecord: Start recording a Confbridge conference.  (Priv: system,all)
  24. ConfbridgeStopRecord: Stop recording a Confbridge conference.  (Priv: call,all)
  25. ConfbridgeUnlock: Unlock a Confbridge conference.  (Priv: call,all)
  26. ConfbridgeUnmute: Unmute a Confbridge user.  (Priv: call,all)
  27. ControlPlayback: Control the playback of a file being played to a channel.  (Priv: call,all)
  28. CoreSettings: Show PBX core settings (version etc).  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  29. CoreShowChannels: List currently active channels.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  30. CoreStatus: Show PBX core status variables.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  31. CreateConfig: Creates an empty file in the configuration directory.  (Priv: config,all)
  32. DAHDIDialOffhook: Dial over DAHDI channel while offhook.  (Priv: )
  33. DAHDIDNDoff: Toggle DAHDI channel Do Not Disturb status OFF.  (Priv: )
  34. DAHDIDNDon: Toggle DAHDI channel Do Not Disturb status ON.  (Priv: )
  35. DAHDIHangup: Hangup DAHDI Channel.  (Priv: )
  36. DAHDIRestart: Fully Restart DAHDI channels (terminates calls).  (Priv: )
  37. DAHDIShowChannels: Show status of DAHDI channels.  (Priv: )
  38. DAHDITransfer: Transfer DAHDI Channel.  (Priv: )
  39. DataGet: Retrieve the data api tree.  (Priv: )
  40. DBDel: Delete DB entry.  (Priv: system,all)
  41. DBDelTree: Delete DB Tree.  (Priv: system,all)
  42. DBGet: Get DB Entry.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  43. DBPut: Put DB entry.  (Priv: system,all)
  44. DeviceStateList: List the current known device states.  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
  45. DialplanExtensionAdd: Add an extension to the dialplan  (Priv: system,all)
  46. DialplanExtensionRemove: Remove an extension from the dialplan  (Priv: system,all)
  47. Events: Control Event Flow.  (Priv: )
  48. ExtensionState: Check Extension Status.  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
  49. ExtensionStateList: List the current known extension states.  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
  50. FAXSession: Responds with a detailed description of a single FAX session  (Priv: call,all)
  51. FAXSessions: Lists active FAX sessions  (Priv: call,all)
  52. FAXStats: Responds with fax statistics  (Priv: reporting,all)
  53. Filter: Dynamically add filters for the current manager session.  (Priv: system,all)
  54. GetConfig: Retrieve configuration.  (Priv: system,config,all)
  55. GetConfigJSON: Retrieve configuration (JSON format).  (Priv: system,config,all)
  56. Getvar: Gets a channel variable or function value.  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
  57. Hangup: Hangup channel.  (Priv: system,call,all)
  58. IAXnetstats: Show IAX Netstats.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  59. IAXpeerlist: List IAX Peers.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  60. IAXpeers: List IAX peers.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  61. IAXregistry: Show IAX registrations.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  62. ListCategories: List categories in configuration file.  (Priv: config,all)
  63. ListCommands: List available manager commands.  (Priv: )
  64. LocalOptimizeAway: Optimize away a local channel when possible.  (Priv: system,call,all)
  65. LoggerRotate: Reload and rotate the Asterisk logger.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  66. Login: Login Manager.  (Priv: )
  67. Logoff: Logoff Manager.  (Priv: )
  68. MailboxCount: Check Mailbox Message Count.  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
  69. MailboxStatus: Check mailbox.  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
  70. MeetmeList: List participants in a conference.  (Priv: reporting,all)
  71. MeetmeListRooms: List active conferences.  (Priv: reporting,all)
  72. MeetmeMute: Mute a Meetme user.  (Priv: call,all)
  73. MeetmeUnmute: Unmute a Meetme user.  (Priv: call,all)
  74. MixMonitor: Record a call and mix the audio during the recording.  Use of StopMixMonitor is required to guarantee the audio file is available for processing during dialplan execution.  (Priv: system,all)
  75. MixMonitorMute: Mute / unMute a Mixmonitor recording.  (Priv: system,call,all)
  76. ModuleCheck: Check if module is loaded.  (Priv: system,all)
  77. ModuleLoad: Module management.  (Priv: system,all)
  78. Monitor: Monitor a channel.  (Priv: call,all)
  79. MuteAudio: Mute an audio stream.  (Priv: system,all)
  80. Originate: Originate a call.  (Priv: originate,all)
  81. Park: Park a channel.  (Priv: call,all)
  82. ParkedCalls: List parked calls.  (Priv: call,all)
  83. Parkinglots: Get a list of parking lots  (Priv: call,all)
  84. PauseMonitor: Pause monitoring of a channel.  (Priv: call,all)
  85. Ping: Keepalive command.  (Priv: )
  86. PJSIPNotify: Send a NOTIFY to either an endpoint or an arbitrary URI.  (Priv: system,all)
  87. PJSIPQualify: Qualify a chan_pjsip endpoint.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  88. PJSIPRegister: Register an outbound registration.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  89. PJSIPShowEndpoint: Detail listing of an endpoint and its objects.  (Priv: system,all)
  90. PJSIPShowEndpoints: Lists PJSIP endpoints.  (Priv: system,all)
  91. PJSIPShowRegistrationInboundContactStatuses: Lists ContactStatuses for PJSIP inbound registrations.  (Priv: system,all)
  92. PJSIPShowRegistrationsInbound: Lists PJSIP inbound registrations.  (Priv: system,all)
  93. PJSIPShowRegistrationsOutbound: Lists PJSIP outbound registrations.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  94. PJSIPShowResourceLists: Displays settings for configured resource lists.  (Priv: system,all)
  95. PJSIPShowSubscriptionsInbound: Lists subscriptions.  (Priv: system,all)
  96. PJSIPShowSubscriptionsOutbound: Lists subscriptions.  (Priv: system,all)
  97. PJSIPUnregister: Unregister an outbound registration.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  98. PlayDTMF: Play DTMF signal on a specific channel.  (Priv: call,all)
  99. PresenceState: Check Presence State  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
  100. PresenceStateList: List the current known presence states.  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
  101. PRIDebugFileSet: Set the file used for PRI debug message output  (Priv: system,all)
  102. PRIDebugFileUnset: Disables file output for PRI debug messages  (Priv: )
  103. PRIDebugSet: Set PRI debug levels for a span  (Priv: )
  104. PRIShowSpans: Show status of PRI spans.  (Priv: )
  105. QueueAdd: Add interface to queue.  (Priv: agent,all)
  106. QueueLog: Adds custom entry in queue_log.  (Priv: agent,all)
  107. QueueMemberRingInUse: Set the ringinuse value for a queue member.  (Priv: agent,all)
  108. QueuePause: Makes a queue member temporarily unavailable.  (Priv: agent,all)
  109. QueuePenalty: Set the penalty for a queue member.  (Priv: agent,all)
  110. QueueReload: Reload a queue, queues, or any sub-section of a queue or queues.  (Priv: )
  111. QueueRemove: Remove interface from queue.  (Priv: agent,all)
  112. QueueReset: Reset queue statistics.  (Priv: )
  113. QueueRule: Queue Rules.  (Priv: )
  114. Queues: Queues.  (Priv: )
  115. QueueStatus: Show queue status.  (Priv: )
  116. QueueSummary: Show queue summary.  (Priv: )
  117. Redirect: Redirect (transfer) a call.  (Priv: call,all)
  118. Reload: Send a reload event.  (Priv: system,config,all)
  119. SendText: Send text message to channel.  (Priv: call,all)
  120. Setvar: Sets a channel variable or function value.  (Priv: call,all)
  121. ShowDialPlan: Show dialplan contexts and extensions  (Priv: config,reporting,all)
  122. SIPnotify: Send a SIP notify.  (Priv: system,all)
  123. SIPpeers: List SIP peers (text format).  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  124. SIPpeerstatus: Show the status of one or all of the sip peers.  (Priv: system,all)
  125. SIPqualifypeer: Qualify SIP peers.  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  126. SIPshowpeer: show SIP peer (text format).  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  127. SIPshowregistry: Show SIP registrations (text format).  (Priv: system,reporting,all)
  128. SorceryMemoryCacheExpire: Expire (remove) ALL objects from a sorcery memory cache.  (Priv: system,all)
  129. SorceryMemoryCacheExpireObject: Expire (remove) an object from a sorcery memory cache.  (Priv: system,all)
  130. SorceryMemoryCachePopulate: Expire all objects from a memory cache and populate it with all objects from the backend.  (Priv: system,all)
  131. SorceryMemoryCacheStale: Marks ALL objects in a sorcery memory cache as stale.  (Priv: system,all)
  132. SorceryMemoryCacheStaleObject: Mark an object in a sorcery memory cache as stale.  (Priv: system,all)
  133. Status: List channel status.  (Priv: system,call,reporting,all)
  134. StopMixMonitor: Stop recording a call through MixMonitor, and free the recording's file handle.  (Priv: system,call,all)
  135. StopMonitor: Stop monitoring a channel.  (Priv: call,all)
  136. UnpauseMonitor: Unpause monitoring of a channel.  (Priv: call,all)
  137. UpdateConfig: Update basic configuration.  (Priv: config,all)
  138. UserEvent: Send an arbitrary event.  (Priv: user,all)
  139. VoicemailRefresh: Tell Asterisk to poll mailboxes for a change  (Priv: user,all)
  140. VoicemailUsersList: List All Voicemail User Information.  (Priv: call,reporting,all)
  141. WaitEvent: Wait for an event to occur.  (Priv: )

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