feminine response to being conquered by man

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  18. I discovered this site about a week ago, and find it so loving. The members really understand that Taken in Hand is NOT about abuse. It is about the love shown by a husband, towards his wife. By being the head of the household he is protecting her, and teaching her to be a better wife and person.
  20. When I was in college I did a paper about The History of Women's Lib. One thing was obvious very quickly. In the old days the divorce rate was so much lower. Back then, in the 1940s and 50s, it was acceptable for the husband to punish the wife. Look at old movies,TV shows and ads. There were so many images of women being spanked. Not abused-spanked.
  22. It was then and there that I decided this was the kind of marriage I wanted. I wanted it for real, not role play. I wanted a dominant husband, who would set limits for me. And I wanted him to punish me if I went beyond the limits.
  24. I was so lucky to meet my husband. Right from the start, he told me he wanted a wife who would not work outside the home. When we got engaged, we sat down and discussed all the rules and limits. I was to get an allowance. I would have a bedtime. I would get a list of chores. I was expected to dress like a lady. The list went on. Anyway, we decided that he would alter these limits as needed.
  26. I do not like being punished. I hate being spanked. So, I try to obey my husband. This is the part I love... being obedient to him. But I must admit, when he does punish me, I feel ecstatic because I know that he does it with love.
  28. We are now married 19 years, and never mentioned divorce!

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