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  1. I did find your article very interesting. Let me start by saying the one thing that really struck a deep cord with me is how black woman place value on the mans worth. I have many black females in my life, from different social and economic backgrounds, I'm not sure if that has any influence on how she determines the value of the man. Maybe its a reflection of her mothers views towards men in general or maybe the things her father did or didn't do that influenced her expectations of what a mans value truly equates to in life. I don't know…
  3. Numerous times I have participated in discussions regarding the criteria “girls” think a should meet in order to get her attention and if the poor guy does not have the right type hair, skin, dress like walked out of GQ, have a nice ride and have a job that pays major grip then his value immediately plummets to zero. So you are right on point, if he is not in the position at the time to provide a lifestyle that she is not even able to provide for herself then she can't see that and will never see the potential for what he may be in the future. However, let him have any expectations of her and then watch the attitude come out. Did she ever consider that his value was his character, the way he respected her, his drive to do better in life, his ability to listen without judgment, his desire to try to make her life happy. Its like she wants you to be a thug in a three piece suit. Your a “pussy” if you care and “dick” if you don't.. so the really good men don't stand a chance. To me this hits very close to home because my sons ex-wife had it made, Isaac provided everything and I do mean beyond what any man should have to provide and it still wasn't enough. I guess if he had treated her badly she may have stayed, this goes back to what is enough?
  4. When black men date white women then the black chick is pissed, yet she didn't want him in the first place. So are white women really taking all the good black men or are we just picking up your proverbial trash. Don't get pissed because I found value and had enough patience to see what would flourish from the very thing you threw away.
  5. I came from a predominately white area, and I can't recall anyone in that town at the time dating out of race, me included… but then again I was not the most attractive girl so most white guys did not bother with me either. When I graduated I joined the Army ….wow… I was a curvy redhead and black men loved me, so from the age of 19 I started dating outside of my race. The reason I found it so funny about the white girl in the club is because that was me.. White guys didn't want me so it was typically the black guy that I ended up with on the dance floor. Many times this resulted in some black girl (happened when I met my ex-husband) trying to dance her way into his view and looking at me like what are you doing with him. I'm am not opposed to going out with white guys and dated one for five years, they just don't want me… honestly I really don't care what race the guy is as long as I'm treated well, , my comfort level is with a black guy. As I have matured (gotten older) I almost don't fit into either world, meaning black guys don't think I date out of my race (I guess I'm too white) and the white guys say the can tell I date out of my race, so they are not interested.. so whats a girl to do.
  6. My synopsis: You were on point, its hard for the guy because he has to meet the criteria the black lady has set for him and if he doesn't hes not good enough. When goes outside of his race particularly if she is white then shes pissed and can't understand why he would do such a thing. The end result, white women are taking all the good black men, the one fact they left out is initially the black guy wasn't good enough anyway.
  7. Please excuse the grammar…I don't want you to think I had no opinion or thoughts about what you write because I do, I think you are very insightful. It shows me the male (Jerome) perspective on different issues. thanks for sharing with me I love it.
  8. MP
  9. •     Lady A
  10. C'mon, don't be haters. The sisters aren't giving you dirty looks cuz you're with white chicks. They're giving you dirty looks cuz you pussed out too soon. White girls are easy. I believe they even made a movie about it.  
  11. However, being on the white girl side of it all, I totally agree with MP. We aren't looking for guys to take care of us, ladies. We just need guys that don't need taken care of (well, too much anyway). Ha ha ha! We are easy! Lucky for us  

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