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  17. Hi Kaneisha: I hope you can give me some insight. I’m utterly lost & my situation is like no one else’s – believe me. I am a beautiful looking 54-year old (look 36). A year ago, exactly, I reacquainted with an old friend from university. I told him I was writing a novel. He jumped in car from Toronto to my town about 1 1/2 hrs. I am deeply Christian. He purported to be. One can’t fake what he did (Leal is 58-yrs – young too). We fell madly in love. I told him I had been celibate for 15-years & not to mess with me because I was only marrying kind of woman. I known a lot of men in my life, but none like him. He came on strong, hot & heavy. Called me the most beautiful woman on earth, called/emailed/texted 10-12/day. Ended up making love after 1 mth after he proposed. He told entire town he was marrying me. I mean everywhere we went he said “I’m marrying this woman.” Told me 1000+ times he truly loved me. Plans to buy house in P.E.I. Whirlwind romance – not infatuation! However, we both came into each others lives when both were having EXTREME problems. When I first got in touch with him for my book, he was right in middle of separating & moving into apt. He was like a free happy puppy. His wife cheated on him, was alcoholic, epileptic. Marriage decayed; he slept on couch last 8 yrs. Finally, it blew – he’s aries (I’m pisces – if that means anything) & he said he was leaving -in the middle of major house renovations.

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